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Police News – The Biggest policing stories of the past 7 days

This week the Met Police Launched Trident Gang Crime Command – a force of 1,000 officers who will monitor gang crime in the capital and work with local authorities to tackle the 250 active criminal gangs in London. More than 300 raids were carried out and police arrested 213 people and seized 1kg of heroin, cocaine, cannabis, firearms, ammunition, CS canisters, stolen mobile phones and £34,000 in cash. One mission will be to take the glamour out of gang crime. Read more here.


Police are failing to take stalking complaints seriously. An inquiry found that the laws on harassment and stalking aren’t fit for purpose. The police and criminal justice system give protection to celebrities but don’t take complaints from the public seriously. Read more here.


Deadly million-volt “tasers” disguised as mobile phones put police forces across the country on high alert. The devices are illegal in the UK and have a much higher voltage than authorised police tasers. The stun-guns, which are designed to look like mobile phones, have been confiscated from airports and found in prisons. Read more here.

….but elsewhere the police are being allowed to import tasers


John Prescott

John Prescott is to stand for Police Commissioner post in the Humberside election. The former deputy Prime Minister said he would spend the next few months touring Humberside before drafting his manifesto to campaign for the £75,000 a year job. More details here.

You can also read the transcript from Mr Prescott’s interview on Sky today.


PCSOs in Sussex have been given powers to detain suspects as well as stop and search people for alcohol – but they won’t be able to use reasonable force to do so… Read more here.


And in a different move, Sussex Police are using “bait” cars to catch thieves who target empty vehicles.


PCSO successes of the week

An eagle-eyed PCSO in Wirral spots a burglar making a getaway on a train. Good work!


Elsewhere crime falls due to “community spirit“. PCSO Chris Jenkinson believes the downturn is due to residents communicating better with one another, and with police.

And finally…

A PCSO in Leeds unwittingly becomes a YouTube hit when he accuses an animal rights protestor of being a terrorist…

The PCSO later apologised.

And you can read more about it here.


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