Top Tips for PCSOs on Twitter

If you’re thinking of getting a professional Twitter account but want some tips on how best to use it – here are some do’s and don’ts

PLUS… We’ve got our followers to tweet suggestions!

Top tips for using TwitterTOP 10 TWITTER TIPS

  1. Say who you are and what area you police in your bio. Add some of your interests to make your account personal
  2. Add a photo so people know who they’re talking to
  3. Twitter is NOT for reporting crime – put this in your bio to remind your followers to report crime in the appropriate way. If people are reporting crimes to you on Twitter, reply to them to make sure they do report them via the appropriate channels as well
  4. Tell your followers about your achievements as you go
  5. Don’t overload your followers. Tweeting every 2 minutes will be overwhelming and annoying
  6. On the other hand, do try to tweet at least once a shift
  7. Use your Twitter to publicise events and appeals – you never know who might be able to help you
  8. Follow other officers and organisations in your area – Twitter is about staying in touch with others too!
  9. Read your timeline and react to it
  10. Interact with your followers – but remember Twitter is public, so be professional

And here are suggestions from some of our followers:

“Remember confidentiality, promoting confidence, remember retweets from police force twitter.”
“Use social media to engage not lecture, allow followers to become almost an extended part of your local team”

“Read the timeline whenever possible, don’t just read & respond to tweets sent to you. Be part of your community not outside it.”

“Be professional at the same time be a person. Just as u would speaking to someone in the street.”

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