Public to be Consulted on the Future of PCSOs

Greetings to the PCSO community! It has been a busy week with PCSOs claiming headline space and satellite TV news time in equal measure with fresh allegations into the debate into the effictiveness of PCSOs  – so we naturally thought OntheBeat and its community needed its say!

The catalyst for the headline attention came following a proposal from South Yourkshire Police Authority stating that regular officers would be grouped into so-called “taskable teams” available to deal with serious incidents. Meanwhile PCSOs, under the title local beat officer (LBO), carry out grass-roots work on the streets; subsequnetluy PCSOs would be the first point of contact for the public in neighbourhood policing matters.

This is of course great news for PCSOs and an indication that they are indeed considered effictive enough to increase their responsibility. However the decision has had its critics. Mark Easton, Home Editor of BBC News wrote an article questioning David Blunkett’s claims that

lower crime rates since World War II are down to better policing and more to do with enhanced security technology.

Subsquently he feels that decreasing regular police in the streets may prove to be short-sighted.

We found out what some local residents in Angel, North London had to say on the matter and whether they would like to see a similar proposal implimented in their area:


Would you feel safter with less regular police on London’s streets and instead be directed to PCSOs instead? Vote on the poll below to have your say!

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