Met PCSO oversubscription rising with unemployment rates

This year the Met’s PCSO recruitment drive to fill 500 future positions attracted 3,700 applicants. It was to run until the summer, but had to be halted in early March due to the high level of interest. This represented an Applicant:Recruited ratio of 7.4, which would have been higher if the recruitment was not called off early.

London is currently suffering from it’s highest unemployment levels since the early 90s.

Using data obtained from the ONS Labour Force Survey and an FOI request to the Met, Onthebeat can map the ratio of applicants:pcsos hired by the Met against the unemployment rate (by %) in London since the introduction of PCSOs in 2002.











Some correlation. But there are two outliers here, the applicant ratios in 2006 and 2008. Discount these, and the correlation is much more striking.











Unsuprisingly, the PCSO job attracts more applicants and becomes more oversubscribed when there is a dearth of jobs available.

If unemployment in London stays high (currently 10.1%), the Met can expect to be calling of PCSO recruitment drives early more often.