PCSOs have spoken! OntheBeat101 community has its say!

Esteemed members of the OntheBeat101 community, I thought you might find it interesting to correlate some of the data that you, the PCSO community, have created on the website by voting on the polls.


The data I will be using will be gathered from the posts initiated by myself (Andrew!).

The first poll came from a post on March 22nd, and was enquiring how you feel that PCSOs’ feet (!!) can be better cared for given that last year PCSOs in the Sussex force took an average of 11.5 days each off sick, compared with seven for police officers. Here is how you voted:

Conclusion: The majority of voters in the OntheBeat101 community feels that that the Sussex PCSOs may need to revise how efficiently they carry out their duties and stop complaining as walking is part of their job. Less than a quarter of you feel a few more bicycles would be beneficial but no more PCSOs are needed to cope.

The next poll came from April 19th and you were asked if you agreed with the S. Yorkshire Police authority’s decision to increase PCSO numbers, rename them LBCs and make install them as the first point of contact for communities to settle problems…

Conclusion: Just over an 80% majority of you feel that PCSOs are equipped with the right tools and have the correct experience compared to normal police officers to tackle community crime.

In summary, this makes interesting reading after the previous poll, as the majority there voted against a increasing PCSO numbers for sore feet (i.e. decreasing their duties), but would happily see an increase if they were to gain increased responsibility.

As ever, we’d love to know your views so tweet us @OntheBeat101 or leave a comment below and we can discuss the stats!