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This is a site for and about PCSOs – to discuss news, issues affecting the PCSO community and better, stronger policing. We are journalists interested in connecting with and providing a real service for PCSOs

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I’m a freelance journalist from Camden with a strong interest in London and the communities that make it so  special. I believe we all have a role to play in making where we live a better place and that’s why I’m involved in this website! Read my posts.

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Originally from Surrey, now a citizen of Islington and studying to become a broadcast journalist. I believe in the power of choice and diversity and the benefits they can bring. For me, PCSOs are a key tool of smooth integration between different communities in an increasingly cosmopolitan London (and Britain!) – and I wish to convey this idea through our blog. Read my posts.

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A fallen Northerner… born and bred in Manchester but made the move to the capital to pursue a career in broadcasting. I find the relationship between police forces and local communities continually fascinating but something that journalists often struggle to understand- hopefully this blog is a step in the right direction. Read my posts.

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Broadcast journalist hopeful originally from Hackney, now in Tottenham. Interested in police procedure and tactics. Aiming to find out what we can learn from the mistakes of the past, and how sucessful we can expect community policing to be. Read my posts.

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