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Subscribe to Onthebeat101’s RSS feed to get all our content straight to you! The Holy Grail for all PCSOs. A very active forum. Articles from the above site. Archive of older info and articles from the people above. Onthebeat101’s very own PCSO news feed The Act which started it all. The text of the Police Reform Act 2002 in full. Document outlining what community policing is. Essential for PCSOs in Neighbourhood policing teams. general police & PCSO reference site. Info on payscales. Forum. Awards system for those excelling in the community policing role. Official Home Office website for police recruitment. Putting applicants in touch with employees across the police force. Helpful site for those looking to join the police force. Metroplitan Police Service homepage. Information for those wishing to become a PCSO in the Met, the largest PCSO employer. Website of the Metroplitan Police Authourity, responsible for making the Met accountable to citizens.